Suits TSU Sir - What if you could be paid to post your stuff online! - you can!

WHAT? We get paid for the content we create and post? 

Users of FaceBook Twitter and Instagram are taken aback in the image above. They can't believe they have been posting for free all this time. It'll be great exposure we hear  and marketers everywhere tell us to build our business. Build our waste of time - you bollixes.

The Facebookers and Instagram-ers busy little beavers putting twig upon twig, image upon image and cat picture upon cat picture; to build up a war chest of billions in Zuckerberg Chase bank et als accounts.

How about the idea that instead of the intermediary between the creator-poster and the audience taking ALL of the data & financial returns that some goes instead to pay the operator of the social media platform and another slice goes back to the users, creators and posters. Novel and great; well so it is with

Sign up today and use my link please as who referred you or 'told you about it first' - well that's me thanks. 


laughjohnlaugh said…

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