B.R.O.O.K.L.Y.N (Brooklyn) by John Munnelly

Brooklyn: It's a single 

A single: Is there even such a thing anymore?
A small disc of plastic revolving at 45 rpm on a mechanical electro-acoustic device.
A groove being read by a diamond tip.
A visit to the only record store in town,

"Do you have that funny song "Brooklyn" by John Munnelly? "
Yes, we do! and the world of technology brings it to you finger tips right there where you are...
Now, it's so much easier to play a song.

Available on iTunes and other stores.

It might make you smile - see if it does!

B.R.O.O.K.L.Y.N by John Munnelly

Witty & spot on lyrics Song about living in Brooklyn & Gentrification

This is a gluten free, Non GMO, facial-haired, skinny-jean, grass fed, free range musical hipster romp.

BROOKLYN (Lyrics & Music by © John Munnelly)
I went to an open mic
to sing a song I wrote
about how we're living in Brooklyn
I earnestly would sing
about just anything
and how we're living in Brooklyn
Cuz what's there not to like
I ride a fixed gear bike
around the streets of Brooklyn
Pretty boys and tattooed girls
sing along with all the words
'bout how we're living in Brooklyn

It's another lovely day
Theres no need to hide away phone Mom say, It's Ok
Send the money...right away
Now we're living in Brooklyn.

I've got a funny voice
Do you think I've got choice to sing like I am sighing
And now I'm going to do
a crowd finding project too
though my Dad has got cash piling
I just got into town
and I know whats going down in every selfie I am smiling
I knew I'd like it here
I love, love artisanal beer
and kale chips are so surprising


I'm from a town in Ohio
a little place you hardly know and gee I'm glad to be here
I could have stayed at home but what was there for me now we're living in Brooklyn
My friends all text to me
and post the things they see
about how we're living in Brooklyn
But here in Ditmas park
Soon need to borrow from loan shark to pay my rent in Brooklyn


All Rights Reserved
© John Munnelly 2015/2016

Original Song written performed by - John Munnelly
Produced By Peter Litvin (in Bay Ridge Brooklyn! )


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