NYC The Interesting Irish and Friends September Events & Activities:

The Interesting Irish and Friends of The Interesting Irish Peoples Events and Activities: 

Events and things going on in the first week of September & Onwards

Ye would think the Irish are only interested in the Art of the hard shoe and the jig sometimes to be looking at Events pages ... but the Irish are a diverse lot and here is a snapshot to show the cultural width and depth of the Artsy Irish NYC contributions. 

Niall Connolly: Tour of Ireland Dublin | Galway etc
Kyf Brewer > released solo record
Warren Malone > Described as a ‘Sneaky fart’ of an album release cause he never announced it.
Peter Litvin New Album/Website Dreamland Magic Spells -
Chris Michaels CD release at The Scratcher

Mulcahy - New Website Mulography

IAW&A - 5th salon anniversary & Malachy Mc Court Award
Eugene O Neill Award for Malachy McCourt >
AWOW > Artists Without Walls/Origin Show “Shining City”
Directed by: Niamh Hyland and Charles R. Hale

Fiona Walsh > Sundays at Seven

Greg De Liso > Movie: “Hectic Knife”
Peter Litvin - "Hectic Knife" Movie
John Duddy > Movie “Hands of Stone” as “Ken Buchanan”
Colin Broderick, John & Grainne Duddy > Movie:  “Emerald City” An edit has been entered into two film festivals. >

NYIC > Fillum’s etc
Irish TV Corina > Sunnyside Sessions/Out & About

Penitent Out! > See ‘Magdalene” Theater
GEORGE HESLIN >  ORIGIN 1ST IRISH With King Joffre of Cork >>
NYIC> Fiona Walsh’s One Woman Show

IAC > Classes & Concerts

Hudson Valley Irish Festival, Peekskill

Lots of other stuff and no one left out deliberately ... just my contribution to letting the public know of the range and quality  of artwork and art workers out there. Please support them.


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