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John Munnelly song release 2/1/17 : "Nowhere Without You"

By John Munnelly: February 4th, 2017

He left his IT job to write winning (thoughtful?) & funny songs.
She fell in love with that IT guy but married the artist.
It's their love song set to jingly guitar pop within an exotic & beautiful video.

Video for single "Nowhere Without You"

NEW YORK CITY – John got out of his high stress job to pursue his goal of being a full time
song-writer. This co-written love song to his then girlfriend & now wife incorporates all of the
escapist travel tropes but each flighty fantasy moment ends with the declaration that all these
places might be great but he would be nowhere without the girl.

“Love the song, video and the location, wow! cheered me up for the day ”
“Inspirational… wonderful, playful, happy”

It's very much a Brooklyn production with local producer Ben Rice on the engineer controls and John'slongtime singing companion Genna Johnson on sweet female backing vocals.
This 12-string po…