John Munnelly song release 2/1/17 : "Nowhere Without You"

By John Munnelly: February 4th, 2017

He left his IT job to write winning (thoughtful?) & funny songs.
She fell in love with that IT guy but married the artist.
It's their love song set to jingly guitar pop within an exotic & beautiful video.

Video for single "Nowhere Without You"

NEW YORK CITY – John got out of his high stress job to pursue his goal of being a full time
song-writer. This co-written love song to his then girlfriend & now wife incorporates all of the
escapist travel tropes but each flighty fantasy moment ends with the declaration that all these
places might be great but he would be nowhere without the girl.

“Love the song, video and the location, wow! cheered me up for the day ”
“Inspirational… wonderful, playful, happy”

It's very much a Brooklyn production with local producer Ben Rice on the engineer controls and John's longtime singing companion Genna Johnson on sweet female backing vocals.
This 12-string pop wonder is excellently crafted as you would expect from a teacher of the ‘Songwriting Boot Camp’ at the Irish Arts Center, New York. John did an I'm-playi ng-nearly-everything role on the finished track trying out his snare shuffle skills, tambourine wrangling as well as contributing all the guitar riffs.

John is an enthusiastic collaborator and this single was another clever pop ace developed with local NY co-writer professional Annie Calder. John is said to have the ability to write a song ‘about nearly anything’ such as the unforgettable dance-comedy earworm “does my bum look big in this?”

He was winner of the ASCAP Jay Gorney Songwriting Award for a 'song with a social conscience' titled “The Unemployment Blues” and also exercises his love of the Irish Soccer team with regular fan anthems the most recent of which “King of Cambridge” notched an impressive 10,000 hits on youtube.

He performs with acoustic guitar & has been compared to the likes of Paul Brady, Tom Lehrer & Billy Bragg with a mix of humorous, spiritual & social-justice song topics. Why release this song now? Well, John is working on a new acoustic EP so wanted to make sure he got this anticipated single & video release backon schedule.

John loves the sun & just like his mother dreams of living in a warmer climate. This sunshine filled video was created in very sunny Antigua with the help of Kelvin Christopher of Viva Caribbean Media Group and used drone technology to capture the beauty both of the model and the stunning scenery.

Video for single "Nowhere Without You"



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