If Guns don't kill people then cigarettes don't kill people either?

If Guns don"t kill people then cigarettes don't kill people either? 

Is this the logic? Is there an addictive mindset to Gun use? Does it give a rush to the user? 

What role does the cigarette play in the death of the smoker? Or people nearby the smoker?

The smoke from the cigarette affects other people - the smoker is having fun but the other person has not given consent to die or be injured have they. Does the passive smoker get any say? One persons choice to smoke can kill another person? Same as one persons gun right leads to the harm of another.

So is it the ingredients of cigarettes when burned kill people then and likewise the ingredients of guns when fired also kill people?

Is there a form of addiction to guns like asking the addicted cigarette user to stop?

Drugs can be useful but also dangerous & fun. They are severely regulated so
might guns (which are very dangerous) also be regulated. Even looked into a little bit - is the hysteria a symptom?

Cars and driving is a very observed and regulated activity: to own and drive you have to pass suitability, education, be tested, get a physical eyesight test and be insured to cover any damages to own and operate a piece of metal that when used wrongly can kill oneself and many others. 

There are  ways to enforce the safety and conduct of car owners and operators - for everyone's safety. And still there are accidents. The speed regulations can be an annoyance but are supposedly in place to have good traffic and safety for pedestrians and drivers. What if no rules existed and everyone just blasted away on the road, no stop signs, no courtesy. Is that the way we live?

Exceptionalism grants a pass to bad behavior
Actually the guns don't kill people thing is a cop out isn't it? Drug users feel special and grant themselves exceptional status; and transfer onto themselves some sort of duty of care for our speech or our rights that they have self ordained themselves to protect. But that's ok we say - no need. We pay our taxes to be safe and employ vetted forces to monitor our safety and have several branches of government to supposedly balance each other out and keep us safe from tyranny. And that means the tyranny of a self ordained cult of gun gangsters and their control of the Government. So will you protect us from you please Mr all protecting protector guy? Protection and rights means being safe from gun addicts too.

Can guns be regulated or even any safety aspects looked into - even looked at?

Please Mr Gun stop protecting me - you are doing the opposite. You are not protecting anyone. Mostly the gun carrier finds himself impotent and useless in a mass shooting. Who is the shooter? Where is he hidden. He is likely a gun lover and has same beliefs in his exceptionalism too. 
"I have the right to kill in public" is his next stop down the line from "I have the right to bear a weapon in public". 

Who can tell the difference between one gun toter shooter and another? The supposed good guy with a gun fallacy. That's another lie to tell yourself & your friends at the bar. 

Could users allow a safety study to be made and come up with a plan to help the rest of us feel safe from you?

Alcohol isn't always allowed to be open carry: I see people with paper bags and so. Open display of alcohol in containers is regulated. The age a person can use alcohol is highly regulated. Open use of alcohol can be scary for some people. It's fun for the drunks but what about other people? 

Gun Safety for Reasonable people? 

Is this a reasonable or an unreasonable person you ask - hot under the collar right now, foaming at the mouth, spluttering with indignation. Willing to die for the right to have a gun without limits and then are they so like an addict they go on a slippery slope to willing to kill first and then die with a hot bumped stock weapon in blooded hands.

Maybe the addict needs help? An intervention

- put down the gun... isn't that what the movies all say to the crazy guy with the gun?

Put down the gun and no one gets hurt
- its going to be allright.

But we are getting hurt, in cinemas, in schools, in concerts - you guys with guns are loading up and killing us- more and more each time.

Is it time to look at having some safety bumpers in place for those Americans on the receiving end of the bullets? Please?

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