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ANTI-FOLK "The style known as "anti-folk," as realized by practitioners like Ani DiFranco and Billy Bragg, is derived from a punk aesthetic, and thus tends to be spare and confrontational." I see the Lach Anti-Folk is back at Webster hall - I read the above quote and feel I fit somewhat into that; I mix the Punk and Folk ethics so bear with me as I may have found 'my people'. I have been busy of late - I auditioned to be on 'Hitmakers' a new reality show - never thought I would do a TV show but it was a good experience. I also started work on a new recording 'The Price of The Medicine' a commentary on recent sore debate on the flaccid bill that was reform - don't know what all the crying was about - it doesn't change much in reality but at least allowed the democrats to claim a hollow but nonetheless hard fought victory.