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Health Care Reform and the Songwriter

I attended a function in New York yesterday evening and the venue was packed with a diverse array of people engaged in the Music Business ( Songwriters, Musicians with some Producers, Managers, Record Company Executive’s and Entrepreneur’s etc) in the 5 Boro’s. During the intro we were asked for a show of hands to say who had and who had no Health Insurance. Vast majority of these young people did not have insurance – this is a terrible shame. How come it’s ok to give several trillion to banks who already have more than enough money. Why are the folks ok about spending Trillions on 'Attack' ie Defense Budget but not be willing to spend it on those citizens of this country who don’t have basic health 'defense'? The crazies on the edges of the dilaogues seem to be winning again by putting out fearful messages and creating lies to frighten old people. I have heard of false reports being dissemintaed that the Government is going to help old people die if health care reform

Writing -Gigging- Singing

Gently does it. I want to keep encouraging myself to keep on keeping on and gently making progress. Do what Julia Cameron in the book 'The Artists Way' calls 'filling the form' This past month I wrote or co-wrote the following songs (and some other note book scratchings) Titles: Don't want to mess up I am the verses ( Open Tuning) Never miss your water Waiting for the shoe to drop Same old story Same Old Story - Rewrite is better and is more meaningful lyrically so I am happy about that as it's actually a good number if I can make it as great lyrically as it is melodically and structurally imo. I will be recording a new demo next week - 'Things Change" and co-writer and I have continued to re-write this. Next week I am off to song training in Vancouver REO Song writing Week workshop so I'll be sleeping in tents and so on but should be good and educational - Jai Josephs from Song U and Pat Pattision are two of the tutors I am looking forward to mee