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We can't make it here anymore - McMurty 12 String

I follow the Lefesetz Letter (Music Industry Blog) cause he tells it like it is to my ears anyway. He has this Artist Video Embedded -  and very interesting article re income disparities. "We can't make it here anymore" - by James McMurtry and the chiming of his 12 string playing is gorgeous. I was wondering where all the prophetic songwriters were - here is one. They used to say Ireland had a standing army of poet's - how many are in all of America.

NPR and Mister Rogers - what do you do with the mad that you feel?

Image There is a beautiful clip of Mr Rogers presenting his case slowly and surely for public funding some years ago - What do you do with the mad that you feel? I like America, I like a diversity of people and opinion but it is unbalanced and I feel harangued sometimes by certain right wing trumpeters on TV or radio.  ( Brrapp!!) So it's nice to have a choice and a break from the one sided media and I find that listening to NPR is more evenly balanced.  Choice is one of the great things America has always allowed.  It would be a poor reflection on US democracy if people were now to be denied their voice. That's what free speech is, it's a voice and NPR and PBS are a voice accessible by and for the less powerful.  So what will happen if only 'profit biased' and faction controlled media is available? If only one sided for -profit media is available is there not a risk of it being used for propaganda purposes? I saw a very inte

Falsts Again for Peas ( John Lennon -ish Nonsense verse)

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Commission: Write a song about anything

A Song about Anything I seem to be able to write a song on any number of topics - my term for this is: " A song about anything " Similarly to how a painter occasionally receives a direct commission . I'd love to get a commission to create a song about or on a specific subject - that would be cool. For instance to write a song about their historical relation or maybe their granny. I'd obviously need to get to know the subject and often need a hook to get an attachment to hang the rest of the song. When I write I usually 'get the special feeling' that indicates that real gold is nearby. Like a dowser with a diving rod knows where the water is, so do I get a similar feeling for song-writing topics. I used to dowse for water as a child using home made wires and strangely I could be pretty accurate - it didn't seem extraordinary talent but apparently in the countryside it was commonplace for a farmer to dig a well to supply water for his land. It'