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I am Barack, I am Obama

I am Barack (to the tune of "I am a rock" by Simon/Garfunkel)

Another day/ /
In a deep and long primary/ /
I am a candidate
For the Presidential, election of 08
With change there’s hope so voters pledge for me

I am Barack
I am Obama!

I’ve raised cash
A fund so deep and mighty/
That she may never e-e-quate
I have no need of pastors
Wright he caused me pain
Its Republicans and right wingers I disdain

I am Barack
I am Obama!

Don’t talk of her
For I’ve heard her words before
She’s not sleeping in this Primary
I won’t disturb the slumber of states where we have tied
In Michigan & Florida I won’t cry

I am Barack
I am Obama!

I have my wife
Michelle [And my rhetoric/spindoctors] here to protect me
I am running in this primary
In the Presidential, election of 08,
For the democratic nomination I’d be great

I am Barack
I am Obama!

And Barack feels your pain
And Obama never lied


I wrote this last Saturday morning ... was a bit of fun...I have two versions is in original key other is a little changed ..…

Hey - welcome to my blog

Hi There

This is my first entry on my newly created Blog... I suppose I'd better tell myself why I am going to do this...

Because I write Songs ...

When I write new songs I can post the music and lyrics right up here and just do that for the fun of it... maybe some folks will like it too... that would be great.

Enjoy the trip!


PS why Laughjohnlaugh ... I was a happy baby and the neigbors would come in and say "laugh, john, laugh ... and so I would oblige ...