Showtime! ... What time is it? Showtime, at the Dupe!
Duplex usually means there's likely to be;
two parts to the thing. 
An up bit and a down bit, 
An upbeat and a down beat.

Songwriters at the Duplex 7pm 2.12.20 I'm spreading the word about a Songwriters show in February. I will be fully clothed (this time) possibly even slinging the uke.
Please do come and hang out upstairs, listen to some songs and drink a drink or two at a venue located in the famed Greenwich Village on Christoper Street, NYC.

Music Show Details:
Event: Songwriters Night 
Time: 7pm, Wednesday, February 12.
Location: upstairs at The Duplex in Manhattan, 
What: 5 artists play 3 original songs each.
Address: 61 Christopher St. @ 7th Ave. NYC, NY 10014

Paddy's Day An Irish Listicle of Error

Paddy's Day Listicle:
Paddy's Day is on 17 March, the supposed date of Saint Patrick's death
It's Paddy, never Patty (ugh!)
Crisps not chips, Tayto or bust, the rest are mere potato dust.
Shamrock has three leaves- never a clover four! Shamrock is Trinitarian: Un, dos, tres! Father, Son & Holy Ghost, the Green, White & Gold of the Tricolor. Got it, good.
Bacon 'n Cabbage if ye can, Corned beef 'n' cabbage will definitely do. Lower East side NY style is grand but "have ye got any Brown sauce?"
Keep your heart green too - let it stay big & soft, don't let Irish compassion for the little ones calcify like it seems to have with various Hannity, O'Reilly & Ryan's into a stiff necked, hard-hearted corporate Minotaur of a different color.
"What is the craic?" - the crack is high spirited fun and a felt 'esprit de human corps' about making the most of life and a night out.  eg "The craic was mighty"

A dream - A nightmare bus journey with Trump Tours

A dream within a nightmare Did you ever have a dream -  a bus journey from hell. The bus driver has a "dangerous mental disorder". The driver-in-chief shouts at all the passengers that he is in charge, he doesn't need a route, his gut tells him the way.

Day one he said without training that "I know more about buses than anyone who ever drove a bus" even though he had no training.

Somehow he has put a hex on the bus company and they are afraid to fire him or take the keys back.

He gibbers wild 'n' scary threats over the PA continuously about the wrong people getting onto his special bus. His is "the greatest" bus ride ever. You are "gonna be sick of this bus" he says gleefully jabbering on in his red hat about making bus tours great again. 

And like a bad dream you can't get off.

Screwtape, Immigration, Children, DACA and the Border Wall -

SCREWTAPE has a plan!

I know!" said Screwtape from the lowerachy Military & Security Department.
"lets get everyone worked up about something that is actually easy to fix and cheap like hmmm of course ... children! "

"Yes that's it! Lets separate the kids from their mommies. That will be like catnip - they will go batshit to get this fixed. They will be freakin out over something we can turn on and off like a tap."

"Then my little Demon friend - we will offer something we say is small ... oh lets say it's just a likkle wikkle border wall and sweeten it up with a few teenage DACA kids who were born here and voila we have a deal! "

"We are geniuses! what a sweet plan Wormwood. We set up a giant multi-billion year-on-year never-ceasing swill trough of dollars ($200,000,000 +) for our pals, us and our military contractor friends
... and of course they will all remember us as time goes by! "

"Praise be our Father b…

Hattwood Hot Sauce Unique, Tasty and Flavorful

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Hattwood Hot Sauce grew from planting an Irish creative man into the rich soil of taste-adventurous friends and markets of Brooklyn. Then he became a fan of various hot sauces wondering and looking into recipes and blends. He nurtured the seed of the idea within his Caribbean neighborhood and absorbing the nuances of his new family. The mother in law acknowledged as a master of cooking and imbuing every dish with layers of complex yumminess. The brudder-in-law a master craftsman of heat rubbing and massaging ground fresh peppers freely into meat in an ecstasy of skill and burning the mouth with good Fyah! Flavor & heat a magic mixture. Somehow Hattwood absorbed the lessons and distilled a powerful and magical flavor elixir. 
Hattwood Hot Sauce™ definite…

Fuck you google (YouTube Owner) you fuck.

January 2018 Fuck You 'YouTube' I hate corporate speak. YouTube Letter says in effect 'hey we are keeping even more money for ourselves!' and 'we are doing this for our advertisers! But they dont say that - it's opposite speak. See some excerpts below. Google YouTube are doing this for our advertisers. Last Tuesday they YouTube tell small creators and musicians like me fuck you and your channel. Not that I even ever got any money from them in the first place, but now they move the creator carrot even further away from the donkeys mouth and the stick of iniquity beats on.
Follow the money - they are doing it for the adverts. They had the worst rate of royalty on music anyway and it makes no financial difference really cause they keep the money but likely will lose a variety of creative tools like custom thumbnails that brought some ingenuity and creative flair to their standard random thumbs. It means if you are in a stream your thumbnail image ju…

If Guns don't kill people then cigarettes don't kill people either?

If Guns don"t kill people then cigarettes don't kill people either?  Is this the logic? Is there an addictive mindset to Gun use? Does it give a rush to the user? 
What role does the cigarette play in the death of the smoker? Or people nearby the smoker?
The smoke from the cigarette affects other people - the smoker is having fun but the other person has not given consent to die or be injured have they. Does the passive smoker get any say? One persons choice to smoke can kill another person? Same as one persons gun right leads to the harm of another.
So is it the ingredients of cigarettes when burned kill people then and likewise the ingredients of guns when fired also kill people?
Is there a form of addiction to guns like asking the addicted cigarette user to stop? Drugs can be useful but also dangerous & fun. They are severely regulated so might guns (which are very dangerous) also be regulated. Even looked into a little bit - is the hysteria a symptom?
Cars Cars and drivin…