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Kitty Kiernan's Lounge Bar Easter Show - get a resurrection. Woooh yeah ... what a great show in 773 with  six band mates and first time for the rhythm section and our groovy new guitarist Humberto to play with all of us as a complete unit. Elizabeth J also joined us on several songs as a 2nd back up vocalist.  Next up (or is it down) for band is in a new venue for the band ... but not for me as I have played there solo on a Thursday night ... but with the band - By all feedback  - we sounded like 'the real deal' last week on Paddy's Day. Band Photos are like herding cats. We needed to get a band photograph but it is as is said in Ireland like 'trying to herd cats at a crossroads' to get everybody together but here are a few attempts at herding - some extras wandered in and our local leprechaun is always welcome. Show Pictures So before taking a look at the pictures please note we have an Easter Show for three hours on Saturday Sunday 30th beginning at

The best Brooklyn Paddys Day party ever! 773 Lounge 17th March 3 pm Brooklyn

I have a show on this Sunday 17th in Brooklyn - it's a  bar band type thing. Three sets of Irish/Celtic, Pop/Rock and Mighty cool originals. It's up there with me and band as one of my fav shows of the year anything goes here so should be mighty craic agus ceol (fun/wit and music) . The show comes with free food and low bar prices  - 773 Bar 773 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn. A great thing is the Manhattan parade this year is the day before on the 16th March so the afternoon is all ours for the making. John and his leprechaun pal share a drink and a huge laugh!!! They say if you can catch a leprechaun he has to tell you where his pot of gold is - please tip the band! its too hard to catch leprechauns Kevin Reilly is Kool John Munnelly rocks his St. Paddys day band and gear 773 Bar band and soundman