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John Munnelly concerts in February

February and March Band and Acoustic SHOWS Sunday Feb 10th -  The Scratcher 7 pm NYC/city (acoustic ) Saturday Feb 23 - Sunnyside Gardens Community Center Queens  8 pm ( Newton Fundraiser )  Thursday 28st Feb Paddy Reilly's Bar (provisional TBC ) 8 -10 pm Friday, March 29 ( Good Friday ) Congregationalist Senior Center , Church Ave, Brooklyn, 11 am  March 17th Sunday -  773 B ar ,  Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn  3 pm St Paddy's day FREE Grub , Craic a gus Ceol March 30th Easter Saturday Evening 10 pm  - Ki tty Kiernans Bar in Bay Ridge Brooklyn

LaughJohnLaugh BAND Biography ( Sort of)

T he LaughJohnLaugh project with the Irish songwriter John Munnelly has existed since 2008 winning an ASCAP award on the way for the quality of songwriting. The band has developed and grown organically since then and in the last two and half years got a solid core of 4 members consisting of a rhythm section and female vocals with a sometimes cast of other musicians on accordion/banjo/mandolin depending on show requirements or material to be covered. John met the drummer on a train 3 years ago and immediately began a friendship over their mutual love of the Carribbean, the bass player was recruited online from an ad 2 years ago and says “ I loved Irish music, so when I saw an opportunity to do it,” he said, "Yes, please."  The female vocalist has been appearing on John’s recordings for a number of years so it was a matter of putting all of us together for live shows. The band has put out a number of singles accompanied by witty and humorous YouTube videos and recently

PICTURES of LaughJohnLaugh Band Irish Haven Brooklyn

LaughJohnLaugh Band in action as a Duo in the Irish Haven Bar, Sunset Park Brooklyn. My personal John Munnelly review from the other side of the mic-stand This is a fine bar that I love playing in with guaranteed fun.  It has great staff  (Matt & Mike) and comes with an eclectic mix of friendly cool patrons of all dimensions, ages and class with a wholesome Irish flavor.   Genna and John in The Irish Haven Genna and John in The Irish Haven Brooklyn Genna and John Munnelly in The Irish Haven Google Docs Cursor Misplaced/Misaligned in Google Docs Spreadsheets Fix: As part of my public service commitment and because Google is too busy searching the searches I'm searching for to bother to fix it I offer it here. Problem Declaration: Cursor alignment is totally off from where its typing. So when you type in one cell a different cell appears highlighted. COnfusing to work and type in. I think it is linked to three possible things: Zoom

Together For Christmas - Reviews featuring John Munnelly

TOGETHER FOR CHRISTMAS: "Together for Christmas is truly a gift and a celebration of music and merriement" - Liz Noonan of The Irish Echo Dec 2012 "The sequencing of the cd is really masterful, moving from mood to mood so seamlessly that it would be easy to let it play over and over again." The Irish Examiner USA "Everyone’s style stands up. The range of artistry and genre covered by the artists who contributed their talents in this release are wide. You will enjoy it!" - "John Munnelly adds that Beatlesque touch with the jolly Happy Christmas". - Dec 2012 ... and John Munnelly’s modern carol-like “Happy Christmas.” - Boston Irish Reporter Dec 2012 There are many cheerful and pretty moments on the album, but the highlights for me include Cavan native John Munnelly singing a song he wrote about the birth of Jesus simply titled Happy Christmas. "Sounds Around"  The Irish Ech