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Do something new!

I'm doing something new - do you not perceive it I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. Here are a few recent affirmations I have found useful in my recent creative journey - scraps of sunlight on a damp day reflecting off the pavement. No! - why? No is ok - maybe you missed that lesson. "Why?" - is your friend along with when? what? how? where? and if you are working - How much? Start something new! Do something new today - see the opening phrases - life is short; don't risk being bored with the same old thing. When @ work always listen to WII-FM - "What's in it for me" - otherwise get ripped off, laid off, paid less, about faced and generally slop out for the guys n gals whose job it is to pay you as little for your creativity as you allow them to. Earn to learn - are you learning something while you work? - I parlayed a crappy badly paid job learning the ropes in an industry into a job interview where I was the only possibl

Do what you fear - and love !

I heard Derek Sivers speak on Tuesday evening. He said we must try harder to define ourselves for our listeners an example he gave was "Hillbilly Flameno'. So I'm going to be trying out some flavas' and attempting to pre-define and categorize myself and music such as 'Mix Woody Gutherie, Lennon & Punk Celtic Poet' ... any wise ass cracks are welcome as they are probably true ... and I'll be sure to use 'em ..haha Another thing he said was to do whatever we love and energizes us and also more importantly do what we feel is out of our reach - what we fear to do ... and abandon doing what drains us. Do what you fear and do what you love - abandon the waste of time and energy of what is draining you. Derek Sivers entrepreneur and musician was founder of CD Baby. He was a very engaging speaker with challenging and practical advice for the entrepreneurial and musically minded. Anyway - I'm playing at the Duplex in Greenwich Village NYC on October 1