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Trappatoni's Men

THE ONION (sort of): Songwriter refuses to accept reality and remains in a state of delusion about the Irish Soccer Team chances in Euro 2012 - Trap warned us " non dire gatto se non l'hai nel sacco ("don't say cat until you've got it in the bag") ...indeed. We had to feel sorry for poor Shay heading the ball into his own net from a rebound off the post and then coming up off the ground afterwards with his nose all white like a sad green clown in a Trapattoni drama play - " Waiting for Croatia ." Well... we know how that ended. Sad Shay Given after Croatia Match - Shay Given after Croatia Match - Trapattoni's Men on Itunes Luckily Trapattoni's Men is still available for a free ( yoohoo!) download on Soundcloud - link or play here using flash player (note flash won't work on iPhone) Trapattoni's Men -MP3 New Mix by laughjohnlaugh Song is now on iTunes store this week - so get your downloa

Trapattoni's Men - Radio Interview On 6 pm Saturday and Free Download

Alan & John Munnelly give it socks at the bar! The Republic of Ireland soccer team has a  distinctive 'elf' manager Mr Giovanni Trapattoni - who has a spry and eccentric outlook... He says his prayers and leads us into the promised land of Euro fun and serious games. While you wait for the games tune into the radio -  LaughJohnLaugh is being interviewed on Saturday June 9th at 6 pm Ireland Calls Radio Show Sat 6pm on 1460am/ Please have a free download of the new mix of Trapattoni's Men (comes with all new correct spelling this time!) Free Download of Trap Track - Mp3 version - Full Version available on ITunes very soon - C'mon the boys in Green! Trapattoni's Men -MP3 New Mix by laughjohnlaugh   Trapattoni's Men Can Win - Single by LaughJohnLaugh <p><p><p>&a