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Performance Rights Push - please support musicFIRST

Please join in our next Call for Action Day scheduled for Monday, May 4 and Tuesday, May 5. The feedback from Congress in regards to our last phone bank day was extraordinary. It demonstrates how when people come together in support of a cause, we can truly make a difference. May is a critical month in the passage of the Performance Rights Act so we want to re-create the same energy we did last month. Even if you called your Representatives last time, please pick up the phone and do it again! We have streamlined the process so all the information you need, including direct phone numbers into your Member's offices and talking points, can be found on the musicFIRST website ( ). See below for step-by-step instructions. Please choose to make your calls on either May 4 or May 5 so that we have a steady stream of Performance Rights support over the two days. Pass on the message to friends, coworkers, and family so that we can make this Call for Action D

Who is not busy?

All these job's - piano player, guitarist, singer, songwriter, publisher, recording engineer, producer, marketing manager,roadie,sound man, student, novice, expert. I am finding myself wearing so many hats it's incredible - how will I master some of them - It's fun to be able to do many things and have many skills but its hard to keep going with them all. It would be great to have more help and be surrounded by the professional accomplices one needs to really get things done. People I would like in my life are Drummer Help with rhythm tracks in recording Bass Player Keys When I review that's just like a Band - so do I need a band then - perhaps yes. So I also have a job to pay the bills too - it's amazing I really have many jobs.

Fixing a PC issue -all in a day's work too.

IE http: Error 12029 (not a Music post) In my day job as a Techie a colleague's PC was attacked by a virus and then after it was cleaned left the following problem only relating to IE and using the diagnostic in IE returned the following error in the log Error 12029. After trying many things we discovered this fix. She could connect in Firefox but not in IE. FIX suggestion In IE go to Tools Internet Options, connections,LAN settings and UNCHECK automatically detect my settings. Anyway we had to go one step further and un-check the detect proxy settings also - this did the trick.. This is posted for anyone who will have the same issue - its a battle of good and evil again...

Do it! Do anything! Just do it now, then do it again!

Change again and again and again! I have been considering the meaning of change over time recently - unless we change today then tomorrow won't have new excitement and thrills. I am going into new areas marketing my gigs so that's a big change for me to advertise this person who writes and more occasionally sings songs too. Do something every day to advance career Pro-Active arrival. “I’ve made it!- erm made what?” Kaizen: Small change over time creates HUGE CHANGE over time so that’s very much a principle of the tortoise and the hare. The destination is an adventure in itself so endeavor to travel beautifully and enjoy the scenery. This may well be 'the whole thing' not just the arrival at the destination. ACTIONS Join U tube – post my videos there Facebook Create and use FanBridge Mailing List