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Happy Valentines Day and other Demoted Saints

 I love you is the message for today  St Valentine and St Christopher both got a bit demoted in the 1960's by the officials who do this sort of thing. However, one of them St V still has coverage over chocolates and flowers ( & cards!) the other Saint C has got the medals thing going on and is invoked in helping you get to places safely. Well, I can't help with the chocolates ( No Hershey ahem! that's a different thing), flowers and romantic paraphernalia but if you need somewhere to go (aha! there's the segue link ) ... this very Sunday evening 15th; please drop by the Irish Haven in lovely Sunset park, Brooklyn for 8 to 11. 5721 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220 Apols my Irish and overseas readers hope you don't mind still getting this newsie. Some other links for you down under fold. On Brooklyn front though sorry if ye cant make it but we'll be hanging out, playing some tunes singing songs and having wee smartie pants comments & banter with the