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Fuck you google (YouTube Owner) you fuck.

January 2018 Fuck You 'YouTube' I hate corporate speak. YouTube Letter says in effect 'hey we are keeping even more money for ourselves!' and 'we are doing this for our advertisers! But they dont say that - it's opposite speak. See some excerpts below. Google YouTube are doing this for our advertisers. Last Tuesday they YouTube tell small creators and musicians like me fuck you and your channel. Not that I even ever got any money from them in the first place, but now they move the creator carrot even further away from the donkeys mouth and the stick of iniquity beats on. Follow the money - they are doing it for the adverts. They had the worst rate of royalty on music anyway and it makes no financial difference really cause they keep the money but likely will lose a variety of creative tools like custom thumbnails that brought some ingenuity and creative flair to their standard random thumbs. It means if you are in a stream your thumbnail imag