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Sunday at Seven. Irish Arts Center John Munnelly

15 I am making a rare public appearance, in person, live, for one night only, showtime ! etc - But yes, you should come and see me play & sing;  just in case you need to ask me when my next show is. I'd feel bad having to let you know that:   "you just missed one" and then you might feel sad. And that would not be good. So come by and feel glad; and not mad that you missed out on something ... cause the fear of missing out is terrible, terrible... so it is. And we wouldn't want that. Sunday at Seven. Irish Arts Center 553 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019

November Newsletter Sundays at Seven Show and the IP Wars

This can also be read here: newsletter Please sign up to with add me to mailing list as subject to get newsletter & receive VIP deals, inside news and discounts. Showtime - Sundays at Seven I will be the musical guest at this established comedy event. Sunday Nov 15th at 7pm I rish Arts Center, 553 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019 One of NYC's longest comedy and music shows produced by Ann Design and Fiona Walsh at the Irish Arts Center. Just cause they are not out to get you , doesn't mean they are not out to get us . I got a notice last week that my using the words "Hello World" on my design of the leaping man products in my Zazzle merch store infringes on a Trade mark someone else owns. I got 'bout fifty million emails for each iteration of the design that had the word 'Hello World' written on it. It's kind of a perplexing one really as every beginner code