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Music for the Earth - John Munnelly (LaughJohnLaugh)

Please download a free track called Why are the honey bee's dying - save the Earth Competition: Music for the Earth - John Munnelly (LaughJohnLaugh) : "Music for the Earth - John Munnelly (LaughJohnLaugh)"

Gigs, Youtube and Songwriting

Doing Live Gig's causes a sharpening of the work force towards the object - Wha!?  What d'ja mean John... erm I mean I spent a few days making sure I had my songs rehearsed and a set list chosen with balanced material on it. Balanced - I mean a few songs of every sort - not too heavily political , or too light - children's songs or too masculine or too feminine. Makes me sharper performer and keeps me in shape like an athlete does ready for action. It's also interesting to get reactions of people who are invited - one person who I told about gig seemed to want me to be something else or someone else - that's kinda hard! but I need to listen to a possible audience and read into criticism ( it was mild) so for this gig I learned some covers as he had suggested - a good move - my mild questioner asked - why didn't I do covers of Irish rebel songs. I guess cause there's only 'now' and whatever fight they fought over is long gone. I was very hearten

ASCAP One Day Session's

GOOD - PANELIST'S -I found out both Jeff from Tunecore and Ariel from Ariel PR are both based in Brooklyn ! Yay! thats good to support the local. -The middle TV/FILM panel seemed to be lacking oxygen in room so was 'ok but bang on a can founder David Lang was very 'wise'as was bigband lady and her panelists. -Last panel with StarGate was really good -  really liked Tor from Stargate - very practical and risk taking advice. BAD - Stupid Self Reflecting Narcissistic Audience Questions - Duh! wow makes me worry for music industry and NYC at least the moderator kept it moving on the self reflecting ( the "what's the question" questions!) GOOD- Fun gathering in bar 'Mannies' - Afterwards went on and on - - new best friend! BAD - Not really a lot of industry people there except the panels. - but I met some fun people so that's always a good thing. GOOD Met an ASCAP person who helped me - Yay John Berger!