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If Guns don't kill people then cigarettes don't kill people either?

If Guns don"t kill people then cigarettes don't kill people either?  Is this the logic? Is there an addictive mindset to Gun use? Does it give a rush to the user?  What role does the cigarette play in the death of the smoker? Or people nearby the smoker? The smoke from the cigarette affects other people - the smoker is having fun but the other person has not given consent to die or be injured have they. Does the passive smoker get any say? One persons choice to smoke can kill another person? Same as one persons gun right leads to the harm of another. So is it the ingredients of cigarettes when burned kill people then and likewise the ingredients of guns when fired also kill people? Is there a form of addiction to guns like asking the addicted cigarette user to stop? Drugs can be useful but also dangerous & fun. They are severely regulated so might guns (which are very dangerous) also be regulated. Even looked