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Press Clippings for John Munnelly

Press Clippings for John Munnelly  John Munnelly – Dylanesque Irish songwriter in New York John Munnelly is an Irish singer-songwriter living in New York. He has an infectious enthusiasm for ... John Munnelly: On music and comedy. Getting to know the humor of John Munnelly, a.k.a LaughJohnLaugh. Why laughjohnlaugh – what does... Hello World by John Munnelly [+ Show ] Hello WORLD CD Music by John Munnelly aka ‘LaughJohnLaugh’Artist: John Munnelly Album: Hello ...

Hectic Knife and Hello World

HELLO WORLD Its my Debut Album - Get it on itunes - LEGENDS is the VIDEO - Bridge for Sale? HECTIC KNIFE THE MOVIE  I'm link the gormless comic foil to main bloody mess of a protagonist-

ATT AT&T Privacy Options removed making them dubious data rapist

ATT: It's what you do with what we do. AT&T have introduced two deceptive personal data scanning programs. There is no single opt out choice available to choose not to consent. I feel its fair to say "No Thanks" to any commercial offer especially when I pay egregious charges and rates already. If it was free service perhaps there would be a case to scan and sell ( to cover costs) but not when I am already paying big. I don't wish my phone service AT&T to gather store or use my personal data in any manner then furthermore bundle it and sell it. I don't get anything out of that and I don't want that. AT&T Data Rape Without the full consent of customers this is ‪#‎ DataRape‬ That's not a nice hastag is it - full of sick potent and not very nice connotations ‪#‎ AT‬ &T. I wouldn't want it to stick to your brand too hard or you might not get it off. YES/NO OPT OUT PLEASE to new changes in privacy. Please

HEctic Knife grows legs - I row weary

Image Path Cafe Double Header Saturday 3rd of August at 9:00 to 11:00 pm Saturday 3rd: My friend John ( of Franco & the Dreadnought) is in town - he's really great and playing on same bill. We don't want him to think I don't have anyone who cares enough to turn up. That's so not true - everyone reading this is gagging to go - they just have other stuff on that partiklar night ... enuf of the guilt trip John - The Editor. Path Cafe is an Irish run and convivial cafe restaurant serving superb food and drinks and with a good sound and lights. Tell Dave I sent you if you are passing by and he'll say - " mmm John Munnelly... not sure if I ever heard of him ..." [John prods Dave] Dave replies - "oh yes! that would be an ecumenical matter" or some other witticism. Anyway Dave is cool and Irish - You'll be made to feel welcome and ask him what you want to eat - he's usually right. Call it some psy