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Press Clippings for John Munnelly

Press Clippings for John Munnelly  John Munnelly – Dylanesque Irish songwriter in New York
John Munnelly is an Irish singer-songwriter living in New York. He has an infectious enthusiasm for ...
John Munnelly: On music and comedy.
Getting to know the humor of John Munnelly, a.k.a LaughJohnLaugh. Why laughjohnlaugh – what does...
Hello World by John Munnelly[+ Show ]
Hello WORLD CD Music by John Munnelly aka ‘LaughJohnLaugh’Artist: John Munnelly Album: Hello ...
Gwen Orel New York Irish Arts Blog December Roundup of Best Irish and Celtic CD’s
Gwen Orel's New York Irish Arts "My faves: Happy Christmas...
Christmas Review
"John Munnelly adds that Beatlesque touch with the jolly Happy Christmas". - Dec 2...
"Sounds Around" by Liz Noonan page 20
There are many cheerful and pretty moments on the album, but the highlights for me include Cavan nat...
Brooklyn folkie sings ‘Unemployment Blues’
“I was laid off last …

Hectic Knife and Hello World


Its my Debut Album -

Get it on itunes -

LEGENDS is the VIDEO - Bridge for Sale?


 I'm link the gormless comic foil to main bloody mess of a protagonist-

ATT AT&T Privacy Options removed making them dubious data rapist

ATT: It's what you do with what we do.
AT&T have introduced two deceptive personal data scanning programs. There is no single opt out choice available to choose not to consent.

I feel its fair to say "No Thanks" to any commercial offer especially when I pay egregious charges and rates already.

If it was free service perhaps there would be a case to scan and sell ( to cover costs) but not when I am already paying big.

I don't wish my phone service AT&T to gather store or use my personal data in any manner then furthermore bundle it and sell it. I don't get anything out of that and I don't want that.
AT&T Data Rape
Without the full consent of customers this is
‪#‎DataRape‬ That's not a nice hastag is it - full of sick potent and not very nice connotations ‪#‎AT‬&T. I wouldn't want it to stick to your brand too hard or you might not get it off.
YES/NO OPT OUT PLEASE to new changes in privacy.
Please do the decent thing for your cu…

HEctic Knife grows legs - I row weary


Path Cafe Double Header Saturday 3rd of August at 9:00 to 11:00 pm
Saturday 3rd: My friend John ( of Franco & the Dreadnought) is in town - he's really great and playing on same bill.
We don't want him to think I don't have anyone who cares enough to turn up. That's so not true - everyone reading this is gagging to go - they just have other stuff on that partiklar night ... enuf of the guilt trip John - The Editor.

Path Cafe is an Irish run and convivial cafe restaurant serving superb food and drinks and with a good sound and lights.

Tell Dave I sent you if you are passing by and he'll say -
"mmm John Munnelly... not sure if I ever heard of him ..."

[John prods Dave]

Dave replies - "oh yes! that would be an ecumenical matter" or some other witticism.

Anyway Dave is cool and Irish - You'll be made to feel welcome and ask him what you want to eat - he's usually right. Call it some psychic foodie thing.