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LaughJohnLaugh Band Rocks a mix of Blue Celtic Pop

I was at an Irish Business and Arts networking Seminar last night and Black 47's Lead man and all round great guy Larry Kirwan said in music You have to have a plan ... man.  And he is right - I gotta have a plan. So my plan if I want to keep playing, recording writing and living music is one where I get to earn a living. So I have a band now that does just that. I am well used to being the solo guy with a guitar so now added to that awesomeness (that's an americanism I picked up) is an Aedel like singer a drummer/percussionist  & a bass player plus an accordion instrumentalist giving an Irish flavor or banjo/mandolin player for a blue grassy Pogues feel. Shows so far in NYC have included long sets at big events like Saint Patrick's Day show (3 sets)  Bar 773 Brooklyn Half Way to St Pats Celebration (3 sets)  Irish Haven Brooklyn Maguire's Pub, Woodside, Queens NYC (3 sets) Band set list is divided roughly into 3 types of material - Celtic Pop and C

Procrastination has a new pair of MAILING LIST pants and a show tonight Path Cafe Solo Show Monday 10th

Yo Procrastinators The War of Art: buy this book Its part of the deal where the artists wheels squeal He don't want to repeal for failure has it's appeal So stay in mud he will pig and dance a stationary jig but he needs to get up and about do a little huffing n shouts to let people know about the show he propo and rhyme everything he can til he understand that procrastination can kill stone dead any Artistic dreams and its a fight to the death against the forces of blehh So I did get a FANBRIDGE mailing list going on and so sign up to it and I'll communicate some warm and cool ill sthuff John does: Videos Songs Blog Posts Political Insights Spirituality  Comedy Collaborations Acting - fillums webseries and performances Gigs and shows Concerts Rants n raves  Its all here sign up please  Post Updated Feb 2016

Maguires 11 pm Queens Saturday Late Night

Maguires Public House The LaughJohnLaugh Band with invited guests artistes appears late night in Woodside, Queens . September 8th 2012 10:30 PM EventBrite Details - FREE Admission Woodside, Queens NYC 7 train to 61st Woodside or 52nd Woodside This is a great fun bar well known as a music venue with good sound and stage (and us) MAGUIRES BAR /Maguires Public House 54-20 Roosevelt Ave Woodside, NY 11377 Neighborhood: Woodside TRANSPORT Woodside - 61 St (7, 7X) 52 St (7) 65 St (E, M, R) (718) 429-9426 John Munnelly aka LaughJohnLaugh at Maguires Bar John Munnelly aka LaughJohnLaugh John who operates musically by the stage name LaughJohnLaugh put together a bar band in March 2012 to celebrate St Paddy’s day at his friends bar in Brooklyn near where he lives. It was such fun for the audience and band he wants to do it again, again, again. Now he brings the show to another Borough this time Queens. B

A Steve Jobs letter found - the iMan continues to instruct from beyond- Give it away now.

Steve Jobs Startling New Apple Letter. In a startling find from beyond the grave the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs has left a revealing and illustrative letter about his generosity and desires to share the benefits of Apple consciousness with all the world. The typed note accompanying some lyrics was found in his personal effects and annotated with his unique personal handwriting. "if I get a Billion from those MoFo Samsung fuckers then I'll give it away now too"  The phrase 'give it away' was underlined several times. Sources close to Apple have not denied the existence of the letter and in an off the record comment from an insider in Cupertino (Raul Cerveza PR Department) said "it (this sad-sack give-it-back story) was like some fucking article that could appear in that stupid rag 'The Onion'. And just cuz the guy in Microsoft does it, does n't mean we have to go do it too. What a joke -" "We are Apple, we are iPad, iPhon