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Does my bum look big in this? (Big Bum Song) sent to digital stores

TUNECORE: Finally - what can I tell ya - I have a video but I had never released a single or an album before - I did it! like my nice ( niece!) Ruby says " I did it I did it " - yeah that's great.  For me it's difficult being revelatory and my natural survival mode is to try and not do this - so it's not from gloating but from a good place of personal, psychic growth and the practice of anti-fear. Peter Litvin did an awesome job as music producer - stellar. Roman Vail made it sound amazing as the mastering guy in JLM sound Dumbo. I selected an image from web and looked at many ass shots - then created the design myself - so its very much a home made/cooked release - no record company involved - nor was anybody on a crowdsource begged to fund my dream - just a piece of music that is true. TUNEcore is a great service - it has four main buttons Details - release date/ISRC UPC codes liner notes etc Stores - who and where it will be sold to - iTunes/amazon etc

Is the use of the word ASS in lyrics explicit?

 This must be just a gratuitous excuse to write some filthy words in LAUGHJOHNLAUGHS! Blog- I was researching this because the words of my first ever single - "Does my bum look big in this? " contains the word ' ass ' in a line in the third verse. "Ohh please tell me baby do you like my ASS?" which is a fair relationship question imo ...but my G/f says in church circles it is likely regarded as lewd or crude .. hmm I  hadn't realized. So here is some interesting material derived from a quick search on the topic - using the search terms ' is the word ass in lyrics considered explicit ' I got some information about the 7 dirty words or seven naughty or filthy words - whatever they may be titled. However if I publish the 7 naughty words in full then I need to mark my blog as explicit which is a shame - so may need to write a tamer version without the highly charged naughty/dirty words. Anyway basically the good news is as follows:  I don

Est regarder mes fesses grand en cela?

Excuse me, pardon... what did you say? I'm trying out my french and thanks to the wonders of google I am translating my fav phrase into French J'ai dit ce que mes fesses étaient regarde grand en cela? Ne comparer mon derrière grand en cela? mon regard ne Big Bottom dans ces jeans?   Well then how about ... in Irish then if you don't get Le (?)  French - An bhfuil mo thóin cuma mhór i seo ? of course!!

+4dBu = Professional/ + 4 times more signal. -10dBV = Consumer /less signal

What is line level? –10dBV and +4dBu mysteries. I have an Apogee Duet and when I don't do enough recording practice I end up wrangling cables, wires and connections. The duet has a control surface called the Maestro inside the Mac and on the drop downs on the Maestro control ( see picture ) this is a crucial place where I need to select the type of signal going into unit and the particular connector used be it phono/guitar jack or XLR - the three pronged one. So it could be  XLR  but then does the XLR need phantom power ? and as per the image I can choose XLR with +4dBu or -10dBVso whats that all mean - in terms of the light reading I have done and its not the first time I have tried to grasp it - this is my summary of WTF line level - Ok Line level is the strength of the signal from or to a piece of audio equipment and the strenth of the signal has consumer ( weak) or Professional ( strong ) strength. The STRONG Rawrr! is 4 times wow four times so that's the plus f


YouTube Playlist for 2012 - Greg and I have been busy finishing up the next video for addition to the stable of my funny video collection. From feedback I am getting this may be the best yet both Greg and I have outdone ourselves in creativity in setup, acting editing and execution - now to get the lip synching ok and we are ready. In the meantime here is a playlist I created THE BEST OF LAUGHJOHNLAUGH! THE BEST OF LaughJohnLaugh!