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 A rawgabbit is somebody who speaks in strictest confidence about a subject of which they know nothing at all. Well so we now know now about the Rawgabbit, but what about the opposite creature - the antigabbit. The antigabbit is similar but instead of quietly they speak loudly and forcefully about subjects they nothing about. No clue they have and they go on and on and on. Can't help but think of the anti-gabbit press conferences held early in COVID times. Self bleaching, swirly lights and loud noises to scare the tiny whiny COVID Novella bugs? That iss pure anti-gabbity. Anti-gabbity is the force used by liars to suspend others disbelief and reverse normal sense and criticial thinking. Some rare people have natural affinity for anti-gabbity and can focus it through their front blowholes. And why do I keep wandering back into using the orange headed pumpkin presidential in the white house as the typical and untypical anti-gabbit. It could be a netflix film - cue the