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Maguires September 8th 2012 SHOW

Maguires Public House The LaughJohnLaugh Band with invited guests artistes appears late night in Woodside, Queens . September 8th 2012 10:30 PM Woodside, Queens NYC 7 train to 61st Woodside or 52nd Woodside This is a great fun bar well known as a music venue with good sound and stage (and us) MAGUIRES BAR /Maguires Public House 54-20 Roosevelt Ave Woodside, NY 11377 Neighborhood: Woodside TRANSPORT Woodside - 61 St (7, 7X) 52 St (7) 65 St (E, M, R) (718) 429-9426 John Munnelly aka LaughJohnLaugh at Maguires Bar John Munnelly aka LaughJohnLaugh John who operates musically by the stage name LaughJohnLaugh put together a bar band in March 2012 to celebrate St Paddy’s day at his friends bar in Brooklyn near where he lives. It was such fun for the audience and band he wants to do it again, again, again. Now he brings the show to another Borough this time Queens. Back in the day when John initially ca
MPK 49 by AKAI Review of the Pooped Key - (its supposed to read Popped John ED) Mpk49 Controller Review AKAI Mpk49 Keyboard has no inbuilt sounds - it's just a controller - it is overpriced and it breaks at the first chance it gets. Not Recommended:  do not buy this MPK49 Keyboard as it suffers from a syndrome called the Auto PoP Off Key Syndrome - APPOFKS Whats that acronym APOK? that's what AKAI told me to do ( APPOFKS OFF or summat) when I asked the incredibly aggressive "no never heard of this ever ever ever happening before" "you are the first ever ever ever case of this happening" angry man on the customer service help line. Oh Yeah? It's all over the AKAI guys own message boards AKAI and still he said I was the first case - what rubbish we put up with. ScoreCard for AKAI Mpk49 Nullpoints for reliability: 0 Manufacturing QUALITY it is designed to break:  0 Customer Service:  minus -10 How do I know this - did I ove

GIG in Woodside Queens Saturday September 8th: 54-20 Roosevelt Ave Woodside, NY 11377

LaughJohnLaugh and the Nymphomniacs playing a show with three full sets You should go or be late to the coming thing - and you want to be the early adopter right? Just saying is all... on September 8th 2012 in Woodside, Queens NYC This is a great fun bar good sound and stage. MAGUIRES BAR /Maguires Public House 54-20 Roosevelt Ave Woodside, NY 11377 Neighborhood: Woodside TRANSPORT Woodside - 61 St (7, 7X) 52 St (7) 65 St (E, M, R) (718) 429-9426

Is ripping the mp3 from a YouTube video the nail in the music coffin?

I must admit to being a little e-saddened today and not surprised when I found out that the Firefox browser comes with its own mini mp3 ripper- as an add on. So I make YouTube vids to promote my music - not that I make a lot ( $6 in a quarter - I must be mad hahha) but one lived in the vain hope that some folks might buy the single sometime. Now it's too easy and so simple to rip it straight off the artists YouTube Viddy and bang a boom - there ya go. Mp3 in full quality, Pretty smart huh! - so whats a songwriter guy to do? Oh well anyone want a web site? I guess we as 'artists' can pray to the Gods of abundance and throw ourselves off the artistic mountains hoping for some angel to catch us... [ Editor - are n't we getting a little carried away histrionically speaking.] Yes of course... Sorry, I'll put it another way,erm... the songwriters are fucking fucked. LOL ;)

Screwed over by CrazyMakers and CEOs

Have you ever been screwed over? as a creator that is... I admit I often rant away on about false creators injecting themselves into the front of the line as creators. Some businessmen are now styling themselves as the true shepherds and self-aggrandizing as job-creators. My personal and local history and experience is the creators in jobs and elsewhere do the creating (from nothing) and the CEO guy lurks about grabs the loot from the idea and runs away to claim credit. Bleeah as Peanuts may have said. The self-styled job-creators (they act like 'The Creator' sometimes - right?) are actually if anything creative profit vampires and in that context don't necessarily create jobs. However if getting rid of a job overseas or firing people and then getting the remaining workers to work that persons role too is creative then ... So this video from is an illustration of how creators get done over - it happened to me recent

Grrr Fizz Blehh Meh Maeve Binchy, Bob Lefsetz, Bo and Romney

As Victor Meldrew said - I don't believe it. A genius of the heart called Maeve Binchy died at age 72 - I used to love reading her columns on Saturday morning in the Irish Times. Maeve Binchy - A genius with the language of the heart The Music Business the arts and eating crumbs. I really like Bob Lefsetz. is his Blog I  read and like it a lot. Here is an interesting article about how diffic it is to be an artist and the link with the squashing downwards that is taking place in USA today. Basically saying in his articles that music does not support the musician either as a starter offer or as a professional. So then what's next for music? Its a powerful medium where rich trust fund kids can go to starving producers to create and large conglomerates pump out disturbing pop but the new guys don't even get the crumbs. Follow @LAUGHJOHNLAUGH on twitter Bob Lefsetz Letter Lefsetz above is talking