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Trappatoni Track Download

LaughJohnLaugh musical tribute to support the Irish Soccer Team and Manager titled - Trapattoni's Men - get a free download here - Get a free download of my track by clicking here Trapatoni's Men (mp3 mix) by John Munnelly by laughjohnlaugh John Munnelly is New York and Ireland Songwriter performer known as LaughJohnLaugh Trapattoni's Men We'll need the 'luck o' de Oirish' all right  John Munnelly &'Giovanni Trapattoni' DOWNLOAD TRACK Trapattoni’s Men The green to meet Croatia, Italy Spain country’s feeling like it’s in the 80’s again need Jack or Trappatoni to distract from our pain - it’s the Euro Championships not going to buy the leather sofa kids can sit on the floor our games are in Poland Ukraine is next door it’s been 24 years, couldn’t wait anymore - it’s the Euro Championships CHORUS: So when the game it starts we have our prayers in hearts Trapattoni's men can win when the game begins w