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Screwtape, Immigration, Children, DACA and the Border Wall -

 SCREWTAPE has a plan! I know!" said Screwtape from the lowerachy Military & Security Department. "lets get everyone worked up about something that is actually easy to fix and cheap like hmmm of course ... children! " "Yes that's it! Lets separate the kids from their mommies. That will be like catnip - they will go batshit to get this fixed. They will be freakin out over something we can turn on and off like a tap." "Then my little Demon friend - we will offer something we say is small ... oh lets say it's just a likkle wikkle border wall and sweeten it up with a few teenage DACA kids who were born here and voila we have a deal! " "We are geniuses! what a sweet plan Wormwood. We set up a giant multi-billion year-on-year never-ceasing swill trough of dollars ($200,000,000 +) for our pals, us and our military contractor friends ... and of course they will all remember us as time goes by! " "Praise be