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What? What did he just say? Irish-American office translation

I find myself giving instructions in my day job as an IT Manager. I have developed a guide to help answer the common questions re my English usage and promote better understanding between departments - What the heck did he just say? Here is my inter cultural translation guide to an Irish man's potty mouthed English in New York. Arse - Ass / Backside Usage example: "I'm going to kick your arse if you do that again! " Bollix - Nuts - Anatomical reference Usage example: "Ya auld Bollix ya!" - can be a mild affectionate term or a term of disparagement. Can be used to cheer someone up; you could say "don't mind him, he's only a bollix." Eejit - Fool/idiot Usage example: "I wish I never employed that (feckin') eejit! " Feck - Damn. Milder form of Anglo-Saxon F -word Usage example: "Feck it!" may be from Irish word for to see - Feach Grand - OK Usage example: "How are you?" " Oh I'm grand.&qu