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I made a wooden bench & Here's what I learned about life (Bench Listicle)

I made a wooden Bench & Here's what I learned about life & music production It's Ok to start over. Starting again is preferable to permanently putting up with a wonky situation that could have been fixed with a moderate effort. It's preferable to unscrew the pieces & break the glue joins then take it apart to examine where I made the mistake and to have a look at it. Fix the issue, then start over again with better insight this time. Make little holes to guide the larger and longer screws into their place. Screws turn in and out; and like decisions, they don't have to be permanently fixed in. But if I am a cheapskate or impatient I might wear out my screw heads with indecision. The worn head could get stuck right there where I am; neither really committed and flush to the surface and not able to reverse either. Learn as I go along. I don't have to know everything to start something new. I will know a lot

On the Bridge to Williamsburg and other places like LIC Queens with Susan McKeown

Support Show on Saturday 7th March with Susan McKeown 10 days before Paddy's day we play a show in the New York Irish Center. Susan McKeown is a singer songwriter and singer of traditional songs as well...  and plays with other people like the Klezmatics and wins Grammy's. So Shes very good indeed and I'm on the bill too .... but ... I do need to sell a few 'ticeid' - I am worth seeing right now!  I sometimes feel like saying see me NOW before it costs you a lot more ok. Don't be moaning after oh I could have seen him in a smaller venue before he had his big hits ... well maybe ye could ... on Saturday. so buy a ticket here and come along. Get your discount ticket here - IAWA Discount Ticket Offer thanks! see you there  Go Queensboro Plaza from the Q probably and the shuttle will practically leave you at the door at Vernon-Jackson. $5 off your ticket to see Irish Grammy winner Susan McKeown and meself on Saturday at