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Irish Tour - HELLO WORLD or Dublin ...More dates are defiantly ( er definitely John The Ed..) added HELLO WORLD When asked to do a new PR and Bio for John Munnelly I asked “why should I? find someone else” I said. “I’m already organizing a million shows in Ireland for the tour.” Where will I get the time? “ Ah feck it so I’ll just have to go and do it myself. Sure these guys must get a load of these on their desks everyday and how will we break through the static to just tell them ...” Tell them wha! ... Tell them... about me new record ‘Hello World” and me World tour of Ireland thats what! - me world tour that looked like it was one pub in Dublin for juan appearance of five minutes but thankfully there have been a few more dates added to take the bare look off of the paper at least. What else then ? The record is out - so here I’m thinking the reader will be saying “everyone has a record out even my granny had made a record., Why did you release a r

Copyright parasite called Scam of illegitimate claims on creators content

Hello Mad World - #baseseventynine in cahoots with to bully the little guy - scam alert. BASE 79: Scam Alert for Creators: there is a massive company scooping up and claiming ownership to any and everything . It's called Base79 Music, a spin off off of some of the youtube execs. Their thing is to claim they own part of your work and therefore deny you access to the pennies you might earn from it.  So lets say I want to monetize my video - they run it via some database (I dont know how) and then say some one or one of of their partners own a right to something in my/your video.    This just happened to me on legends. I made everything on this video and some jerks can come along and say they want a piece ! Oii we need some rights - privacy, ownership a chance to make something and say I made that. Very like a mafia shakedown.  LEGENDS link - please take a moment to play or share this - stand up for the little guys - Anyway I digr

Munnelly Newsletter for Arelene's Grocery

September 2013: Hello World again. It's been a month since I wrote. Well like everyone one of us in speeded urban society my little legs are thrashing away under the water (like a ducks) and feeling the burn but don't always know or see if I am 'really' getting anywhere. But yet the landscape changes just a bit over time. So here are a few new fruits (and nuts!) from my orchard or garden. Please take a taste of Hello World preview - feedback, suggestions and comments to laughjohnlaugh AT I have spent the last month putting the word out that I do web work with to keep me in foodstuffs like tea. If you need something done on the web we can do it; for example Wordpress, Joomla Tumblr and all that class of website tech thing.  I have also been setting up a tour, writing new songs and design work on physical CD. I have also been creating an exciting new spoken word/music production in studio. I like twitter! and Faceboo