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September 24th Hudson Valley (Peekskill) Irish Arts Festival Pictures

Pictures From the Hudson Valley Irish Festival September 2016 John Munnelly: Picture by John A Brennan (poet) 1916 Art & Essay on Display : John Munnelly Beautiful Day by the Hudson Cavan 1798 Rebel Pike Head The Big Man Dan Dennehy thanked by John Munnelly 8th Hudson Valley Irish Festival Pleased Buyer John Kearns and even more pleased Artist John Munnelly This Guitar Played Beside the Hudson Picture and Temperature Perfect for some al fresco music Ready to Revolution: 1916 Heads

NYC The Interesting Irish and Friends September Events & Activities:

The Interesting Irish and Friends of The Interesting Irish Peoples Events and Activities:  Events and things going on in the first week of September & Onwards Ye would think the Irish are only interested in the Art of the hard shoe and the jig sometimes to be looking at Events pages ... but the Irish are a diverse lot and here is a snapshot to show the cultural width and depth of the Artsy Irish NYC contributions.  MUSIC MAKING Niall Connolly: Tour of Ireland Dublin | Galway etc Kyf Brewer > released solo record Warren Malone > Described as a ‘Sneaky fart’ of an album release cause he never announced it. Peter Litvin New Album/Website Dreamland Magic Spells - Chris Michaels CD release at The Scratcher Photography Mulcahy - New Website Mulography http://mul