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Footage of 1960's Protest Singer Found.

John Munnelly the irreverent and quirky folk singer - "He was always protesting mostly about other folk singer's clothes" said one unnamed contemporary. Some rare footage was found buried in the back of a filing cabinet marked 'use only in case of emergency' and fully restored thanks to the generosity of ASCAP and the Jay Gorney family. See this incredible archive film here - The Unemployment Blue's ----------

Brooklyn folkie wins with ‘Unemployment Blues’

Brooklyn folkie wins with ‘Unemployment Blues’ I'm happy to report that the little song that could is really taking on a life of it's own - TUB has just been featured on a local Brooklyn website - I have been thinking that instead of H1N1 folkies can say they have T.U.B. - The Unemployment Blues. (c) John Munnelly

SHOF Hall of Fame Showcase

Bitter End New York City In the famous Bitter End venue on Bleecker Street, New York, open for 35 years; there is a fading pink poster for Arlo Gutherie on the wall in the back with a date on it Dec 20th - thru Jan 1 - I wondered what year? it doesn't say. Was I even born? I remember as a child in Ireland listening to Arlo's story of 'Alice's Restaurant' on late night radio as I lay in my room late at night with my radio gently murmuring. I have always liked listening to late night radio -it's very soothing. I was very excited about the record but my town was full of sneerer's and no one really shared my enthusiasm ... oh well! I loved it and printed out the lyric's recently just for fun. I am being honored next month along with Arlo at the ASCAP Awards - so that is a wonderful synchronicity as he is the main awardee. My Jay Gorney award is for my fun message song - The Unemployment Blue's. Last night several upcoming writers were included in a

The Unemployment Blues

TAXI CONFERENCE This is my first taxi conference - I'm excited to be going. We have prepared full color CDs with our prize winning song and some of my other prize winning songs on it - it looks really great - Christina did an amazing job taking the pictures then laying it out nicely with color inserts. Here are the lyrics to the ASCAP GORNEY Award winner- The Unemployment Blues Thought I could do it better I could do it all Little did I know I was headed for a fall I put in the trouble, I put in the sweat Got the job I wanted, bought a new Corvette seven years in college, to achieve my dream Never thought I'd end up, with food stamps to redeem I've got the blues ... I was laid off last week don't know what I will do I'm gonna go on line with the unemployment blues I've got the blues ... To sing I am unable to beg I am too proud not strong enough to dig a ditch or drag a plow got no money, got no job, what can I do different? on the sofa like a slob

The little song that could: The Unemployment Blues

I received some good and encouraging news this month - a co-written song addressing the economic times we live in was selected and won the ASCAP Jay Gorney award. The ASCAP Foundation Jay Gorney Award was established by his wife, Sondra and son, Dr. Roderic Gorney, to commemorate Jay's career and legacy. Jay Gorney, a long-time ASCAP member and composer, along with lyricist E. Y. "Yip" Harburg, wrote, the 1930s classic, "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?," which became the anthem of the Great Depression. It was awarded for an original song by an ASCAP member or unaffiliated songwriter who graduated from either an ASCAP, ASCAP Foundation or Songwriters Hall of Fame workshop/showcase. The song was judged on its message of social conscience/social significance as well as overall craft, artistry, and compositional elements. WooHoo! Thanks go to the Gorney Family and ASCAP.