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Facebook R.I.P. & No Representation without taxation

Is Facebook dead? Jury Duty in Brooklyn, I was asked to perform my civic duties and serve as a Juror for our local courts system here in Brooklyn.  I really didn't know how long in terms of days it might go on for... but many are called and few are chosen. As a songwriter I was somewhat curious and intrigued to be selected but in the end I hung around the large waiting hall ( room for 400 people if needed) with maybe 100 other citizens of all shapes and hues looking at the educational video of trial by ordeal - back in the distant times a person could be bound and thrown into water - if they were guilty they floated if innocent the sank - seems mad you could drown trying to establish your innocence. After the morning was nearly over the remaining 'uncalled for' were sent over to a civil court and discharged for lunch with orders to return for 2 sharp. Outside the courthouse was a lively farmers market and I crossed the street to get some Irish sausages and mash for lun