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Did I leave the cubicle, or did the cubicle leave me?

Did I leave the cubicle (or did the cubicle leave me?) This new song encapsulates the Tech Zeitgeist - " I know how to fix it- "turn it off and on again" - who hasn't heard that said to them in a hundred different accents? LYRICS: Scratching in the office bored out of my brain Squinting at a spreadsheet, trying to explain Plotting how I’d change, could I survive without this job jumpy from the coffee, a man facing his lynch mob Did I leave the cubicle or did the cubicle leave me? I suppose that I got pissed off with the way things were with me always an emergency, something to fix cause it was broke and the thing that kept me going was my girlfriend and my jokes Did I leave the cubicle or did the cubicle leave me? *2? I picked up the phone, well it was ringing on my desk LaughJohnLaugh’s Tech Department you know I am the best She said; ‘I’ve got a situation, could you ever hurry in’ I know how to fix it; turn it off and on again Did I

Peace by LaughJohnLaugh

Since the WWW is our oyster I got my friend Greg to take some footage of performance last Wednesday. * Legends * Did I leave the Cubicle? * Peace * I wonder what happened to my father? Check out my channel PEACE

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Trouble - the path songwriters challenge

I am involved in a Monthly Song challenge is to encourage creativity and productivity of a song on a particular topic. This March the topic is 'TROUBLE" Please listen and check the song out on SOUNDCLOUD Guerrillas make TROUBLE 2 by laughjohnlaugh TROUBLE (Path Challenge) Trouble in the basement trouble in the town Trouble in the high place trouble all around Trouble when we get up trouble when we lie Trouble all the time until the day we die Trouble in the open trouble in the close Trouble in infinity troubles we don't know Troubles in the mind the heart of every man What to do with trouble - we’re doing what we can Trouble Trouble Trouble Trouble Trouble in the street Trouble up and down Trouble in the air in trouble we can drown Trouble in the earth trouble in the sea trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, you n me Chorus Trouble in the Ghetto Trouble with the ho’s Trouble in the Unions, teacher’s got a bloody nose Trouble

They came for the teacher's, trade unionists, the immigrants.

They came for the Trade Unionist's [Originally written in 2011 so decided to update it a little bit] With the latest Supreme Court decision they are still coming for the Trade Unionists, demonizing any organizing of people, picking on and pre-selecting an enemy to blame economic woes on 'the immigrants'. March 2011 Recent events in Wisconsin have worried me and when I spoke to a teacher on Saturday night at a fund raising party to support a school she told me of people's apathy and nonresistance. The removal of Trade Union rights reminds me of the terrible and slow rose to power of demonic forces in Germany after 1933 and people's uncomfortable acceptance of a slow change from democracy to one party power. I always loved this German Pastor's quotation from that time of oppression and persecution. First They came... - Pastor Martin Niemoller First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist. Then the