I am Barack, I am Obama

I am Barack (to the tune of "I am a rock" by Simon/Garfunkel)

Another day/ /
In a deep and long primary/ /
I am a candidate
For the Presidential, election of 08
With change there’s hope so voters pledge for me

I am Barack
I am Obama!

I’ve raised cash
A fund so deep and mighty/
That she may never e-e-quate
I have no need of pastors
Wright he caused me pain
Its Republicans and right wingers I disdain

I am Barack
I am Obama!

Don’t talk of her
For I’ve heard her words before
She’s not sleeping in this Primary
I won’t disturb the slumber of states where we have tied
In Michigan & Florida I won’t cry

I am Barack
I am Obama!

I have my wife
Michelle [And my rhetoric/spindoctors] here to protect me
I am running in this primary
In the Presidential, election of 08,
For the democratic nomination I’d be great

I am Barack
I am Obama!

And Barack feels your pain
And Obama never lied


I wrote this last Saturday morning ... was a bit of fun...I have two versions ...one is in original key other is a little changed ...

Words © John Munnelly 5/20/2008


Unknown said…
oh man, i've been thinking about this for months! i'm glad someone finally wrote out a complete set of lyrics. i go around singing, "i am barack; i am obama" to the tune all the time...it's driving me crazy! :)

your song makes me feel vindicated!

how can obama not use this beauty?
laughjohnlaugh said…
Thanks Joshua, Yeah it was crying out to be done...

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