What? What did he just say? Irish-American office translation

I find myself giving instructions in my day job as an IT Manager. I have developed a guide to help answer the common questions re my English usage and promote better understanding between departments

- What the heck did he just say?

Here is my inter cultural translation guide to an Irish man's potty mouthed English in New York.

Arse - Ass/Backside
Usage example: "I'm going to kick your arse if you do that again!"
Bollix - Nuts - Anatomical reference
Usage example: "Ya auld Bollix ya!" - can be a mild affectionate term or a term of disparagement. Can be used to cheer someone up; you could say "don't mind him, he's only a bollix."
Eejit - Fool/idiot
Usage example: "I wish I never employed that (feckin') eejit! "
Feck - Damn. Milder form of Anglo-Saxon F -word
Usage example: "Feck it!" may be from Irish word for to see - Feach
Grand - OK
Usage example: "How are you?" " Oh I'm grand."
Me: My
Usage example: Where's me stapler? Do you have me stapler? If you have taken me stapler again I'm going to feckin' kill you, you bollix!
Nought - Zero ( Number 0)
Usage example: "That mac address is nought nought 857 Zed " .... "what sorry can you repeat that..."
Oh me head! - Oh dear
- I think I'm going to have a headache/this situation is very complex & difficult.
Rubbish Bin - trash can/trash receptacle
Usage example: "If you do that again I'm going to stick your head in that rubbish bin (you bollix!)
Shite! - crap a person who is not true or is going to let you down in some way.
Usage example: "He's a Shite/ that fellah is a shite!"
Shite an' Onions - some really terrible news
Usage example: - - ie server/internet down "oh Shite n' Onions...
Spuds - potatoes
Usage example: "Feck this place I can never get dinner (lunch) with spuds round here."
Zed (Z) - Zee (Z)Alphabetical Letter - the last one - you bollix.. what are you some kind of eejit!


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