Trapattoni's Men - Radio Interview On 6 pm Saturday and Free Download

Alan & John Munnelly give it socks at the bar!
The Republic of Ireland soccer team has a  distinctive 'elf' manager Mr Giovanni Trapattoni - who has a spry and eccentric outlook... He says his prayers and leads us into the promised land of Euro fun and serious games. While you wait for the games tune into the radio - 

LaughJohnLaugh is being interviewed on Saturday June 9th at 6 pm
Ireland Calls Radio Show
Sat 6pm on 1460am/

Please have a free download of the new mix of Trapattoni's Men (comes with all new correct spelling this time!)

Free Download of Trap Track - Mp3 version - Full Version available on ITunes very soon - C'mon the boys in Green! Trapattoni's Men -MP3 New Mix by laughjohnlaugh
Trapattoni's Men Can Win - Single by LaughJohnLaugh

Trappatoni’s Men
The green to meet Croatia, Italy Spain
country’s feeling like it’s in the 80’s again
need Jack or Trappatoni to distract from our pain
- it’s the Euro Championships
not going to buy the leather sofa
kids can sit on the floor
our games are in Poland/ (cause we’re going to Poland)
Ukraine is next door
it’s been 24 years, couldn’t wait anymore
- it’s the Euro Championships

So when the game it starts
we have our prayers in hearts
Trapattoni's men can win
when the game begins
we wave our flags and sing
Trapattoni's men can win

Giovannis lads; ‘The Boys in Green’
Given, Dunne & Duff, Go Robbie Keane
We finally made it! is it a dream?
- it’s the Euro Championships
Group C we meet Croatia - they’re SO dead
Spain ‘ll be a Messi - give them pains in their heads
Italy eat your pasta - go back to your beds
- it’s the Euro Championships

The Can Can (break)
Laah, la la la la, laa laa, la la la la, Laah laah, la la la la, La La, la la la la la laaaa -

Here we are in June, finally meet
swapped the fish and chips for Kielbasa and beet’s
All European teams don't want to meet us
- cause here’s the boys in green
Ole, Ole Ole, the chant we won’t spurn
going to have a hero, opposition he’ll burn
he’ll bring the magic, the game it will turn
- it’s the Euro Championship
Laah, la la la la, laa laa,



Republic of Ireland  Group C Game Schedule

June 10 v Croatia
June 14 v Spain
June 18 v Italy


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