Kitty Kiernan's Lounge Bar Easter Show - get a resurrection.

Woooh yeah ... what a great show in 773 with  six band mates and first time for the rhythm section and our groovy new guitarist Humberto to play with all of us as a complete unit. Elizabeth J also joined us on several songs as a 2nd back up vocalist.  Next up (or is it down) for band is in a new venue for the band ... but not for me as I have played there solo on a Thursday night ... but with the band - By all feedback  - we sounded like 'the real deal' last week on Paddy's Day.

Band Photos are like herding cats.
We needed to get a band photograph but it is as is said in Ireland like 'trying to herd cats at a crossroads' to get everybody together but here are a few attempts at herding - some extras wandered in and our local leprechaun is always welcome.

Show Pictures
So before taking a look at the pictures please note we have an Easter Show for three hours on Saturday Sunday 30th beginning at 11 pm in Kitty Kiernan's Bar in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

I am a big fan of Bay Ridge some of my best music video like "Did I leave the cubicle (or did the cubicle leave me)  and some in fact most of my acting work in movies ( Hectic Knife ) and video (Poe) projects took place in lovely Bay Ridge.

Andy Weinbtraub drummer for the LaughJohnLaugh Band and the 773 Bar lucky charm

Cat Herding in progress after 773 show - Paddy's Day with the "LaughJohnLaugh" band and songwriter John Munnelly
So Mr Leprechaun, what do you play?

The ray of light - it's an anointing of the musical pleasure - book the LaughJohnLaugh Band at your venue and get the vibe!

Kitty Kiernan's Lounge Bar

Kitty's is located on 3rd Ave, the main strip of Bay Ridge, and only a short walk from the world famous Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. On 3rd Ave between 97th Street and Marine Ave. Subway N expres train to 59th street in Brooklyn.
Transfer to the R local train to 95th street.


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