NPR and Mister Rogers - what do you do with the mad that you feel?

There is a beautiful clip of Mr Rogers presenting his case slowly and surely for public funding some years ago -
What do you do with the mad that you feel?

I like America, I like a diversity of people and opinion but it is unbalanced and I feel harangued sometimes by certain right wing trumpeters on TV or radio.  ( Brrapp!!)

So it's nice to have a choice and a break from the one sided media and I find that listening to NPR is more evenly balanced.  Choice is one of the great things America has always allowed.  It would be a poor reflection on US democracy if people were now to be denied their voice. That's what free speech is, it's a voice and NPR and PBS are a voice accessible by and for the less powerful.  So what will happen if only 'profit biased' and faction controlled media is available? If only one sided for -profit media is available is there not a risk of it being used for propaganda purposes?

I saw a very interesting TV Clip from Denver PBS demonstrating and explaining that the TV market system puts the viewers as 'The Product', I had thought TV shows were the product and we pay to get the shows but that is not so. It is not TV that is the product we are; our eyeballs are on sale to the highest bidders - advertisers. 

If congress and local government are getting rid of public TV and radio can we also get rid of 'biased' media and be allowed to choose which TV station to receive on cable. Why must we accept and pay for the TV channels we don't want to watch.  Couldn't we be allowed to choose and say - 'no thanks Mr Cablevision' -  I want to select only the stations I choose and hopefully protect my children from wingnuts.  It could be called the Wingnut child protection bill.

Are Fascist tendencies developing in USA?  Recently in Milwaukee the Governor wishes to remove peoples rights to bargain collectively; that is also removing their voice. Who and why are powerful lobby interests afraid of the radio - are they also afraid of books? What about blogs... are they fearful of songs? Why be afraid - we are Americans too. Maybe they should listen to Mr Rogers and stop being mad at everyone - 

Dear Mr Congressman - what do you do with the mad that you feel?

If you feel like helping or getting involved

WNYC here in New York -


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