Gigs, Youtube and Songwriting

Doing Live Gig's causes a sharpening of the work force towards the object -

Wha!?  What d'ja mean John... erm I mean I spent a few days making sure I had my songs rehearsed and a set list chosen with balanced material on it. Balanced - I mean a few songs of every sort - not too heavily political , or too light - children's songs or too masculine or too feminine. Makes me sharper performer and keeps me in shape like an athlete does ready for action.

It's also interesting to get reactions of people who are invited - one person who I told about gig seemed to want me to be something else or someone else - that's kinda hard! but I need to listen to a possible audience and read into criticism ( it was mild) so for this gig I learned some covers as he had suggested - a good move - my mild questioner asked - why didn't I do covers of Irish rebel songs. I guess cause there's only 'now' and whatever fight they fought over is long gone.

I was very heartened that even though there were a lot of heavyweight gigs occurred on the same night - especially one that appeared after I had my evening booked - oh well ... However on the very bright side it was great to see my new best friends from Australia and my psychic friend turn up - so quality over quantity and a constant turnover in the cafe while I played and a few folks dropped in so it was a grand night. Thanks guys !!

Re showing up  I had some folks turned up last week for last nights gig - that's pretty early! So I am branching out into a proper mail run and that way I can send out updates and so on - reminders of location, time and free prize draws for attendees.

What can I say - I think it's probably wise also to video EVERY performance and put it up on YouTube.

 At least it demonstrates the live experience for those who cant actually physically go to a show - maybe in our virtual world where we don't want to go to shops and we can do everything online this is way to go.


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