Does my bum look big in this? (Big Bum Song) sent to digital stores

Finally - what can I tell ya - I have a video but I had never released a single or an album before -

I did it! like my nice ( niece!) Ruby says "I did it I did it" - yeah that's great.  For me it's difficult being revelatory and my natural survival mode is to try and not do this - so it's not from gloating but from a good place of personal, psychic growth and the practice of anti-fear.

Peter Litvin did an awesome job as music producer - stellar. Roman Vail made it sound amazing as the mastering guy in JLM sound Dumbo. I selected an image from web and looked at many ass shots - then created the design myself - so its very much a home made/cooked release - no record company involved - nor was anybody on a crowdsource begged to fund my dream - just a piece of music that is true.

TUNEcore is a great service - it has four main buttons
  • Details - release date/ISRC UPC codes liner notes etc
  • Stores - who and where it will be sold to - iTunes/amazon etc and where in the world!
  • Artwork - well it has to be square and has a few other incidental rules
  • Songs - well write a great song, record it brilliantly, master it for polish and upload it.
Job Done, OXO - well done John! 

and just keep plugging away at those areas until its cooked and then launch it for under $10- I recall back in the day my brothers band having piles of plastic gathering dust - this only exists as a seamless virtual entity - its a beautiful thing. Please buy it and support, art life and dreams.


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