Is the use of the word ASS in lyrics explicit?

 This must be just a gratuitous excuse to write some filthy words in LAUGHJOHNLAUGHS! Blog-

I was researching this because the words of my first ever single -

"Does my bum look big in this? " contains the word 'ass' in a line in the third verse.

"Ohh please tell me baby do you like my ASS?"

which is a fair relationship question imo ...but my G/f says in church circles it is likely regarded as lewd or crude .. hmm I  hadn't realized. So here is some interesting material derived from a quick search on the topic - using the search terms 'is the word ass in lyrics considered explicit' I got some information about the 7 dirty words or seven naughty or filthy words - whatever they may be titled.

However if I publish the 7 naughty words in full then I need to mark my blog as explicit which is a shame - so may need to write a tamer version without the highly charged naughty/dirty words. Anyway basically the good news is as follows:  I don't need to mark my single as explicit lyrics because of the use of the word ASS -  "does my bum look big in this?" is a fun song that anyone can relate to and enjoy.

The FCC considers f-ck and s#it and all their variations, to have an inherently sexual connotation and therefore fall within the indecency definition. As these words invoke coarse sexual images, use of these words is patently offensive and will likely result in a fine from the FCC. The Commission, however, has analyzed use of these words in their context under the third factor and have determined that use is allowed when the material is neither gratuitous nor used in any way intended or used to pander, titillate, or shock. The following seven dirty words singled out under former FCC indecency policies, and all their variations, should be avoided:
The 7 Dirty Words - there are always 7 of things -
  • Feck - Irish version but you know the Anglo-Saxon one is not allowed
  • Shite - same as above Irish style spelling which Fr Ted assures us is less caustic.
  • P!ss - release the geese
  • Mother father - not a fan of using this one myself have to admit - but I have used some of the other ones.
  • Codsucker - sort of American usage in my experience and not one I use so much either.
  • Cant - British cockney pronunciation is favored here as in "you are a complete can't"
  • Tit - really? as above Brit  " you complete tit"

Inclusion of these words in programming should serve as a red flag that further review is necessary to ensure that the broadcast does not involve indecent material.
On the other hand, the FCC has found use of the following explicit language to be

SO theres a list out there if you need it - What is google for? (apqrt from being a brilliant search engine knowing all about everything you do and selling it to advertisers;)

    Oh Yeaaahah so here is the video with the word ASS in it -
    Do you like my ass? Does my bum look big in these jeans?

    and finally here is an arbitrary list of words for the word bum or ass: Ass, Butt, Bottom, rear, rear-end, tush, behind, buttocks, derrière, fanny, posterior, rump, seat, tail, tush, gluteus maximus, heinie mes fesses and finally Donkey Hokay.

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