Copyright parasite called Scam of illegitimate claims on creators content

Hello Mad World - #baseseventynine in cahoots with to bully the little guy - scam alert.

BASE 79: Scam Alert for Creators: there is a massive company scooping up and claiming ownership to any and everything . It's called Base79 Music, a spin off off of some of the youtube execs. Their thing is to claim they own part of your work and therefore deny you access to the pennies you might earn from it.  So lets say I want to monetize my video - they run it via some database (I dont know how) and then say some one or one of of their partners own a right to something in my/your video. 
This just happened to me on legends. I made everything on this video and some jerks can come along and say they want a piece ! Oii we need some rights - privacy, ownership a chance to make something and say I made that. Very like a mafia shakedown. 
LEGENDS link - please take a moment to play or share this - stand up for the little guys -

Anyway I digress, it is initially possible to appeal this false claim with all guns blazing then it enters a veil - it's a Kafkaesque process where the real owner of the rights in the work is kept outside the process. So in my case they YouTube ruled for BASE79 - of course!  So that means they upheld a false claim on my video and legitimized the false claim and there was NO recourse supplied except an acknowledge button. BS and bullying. 

FALSE CLAIMS of Copyright by so called rights Administrators
#base79 aggregate illegitimate claims on creators content; then YouTube strong arm & enforce the false claim - it seems like a new online mafia shakedown scam. The issue is Youtube, a gigantic and powerful arm of the 'Do-no-harm' Google corp accept Base Seventy Nine's claim on 'face value' and the 'crooked cop' YouTube assume it's legitimate and rule against the real owner.

I own the color BLUE
Then the Real owner has no door to appeal. So metaphor ... it's like I have a blue car and a scammer gets my car impounded cause the scammer says to the policeman/judge/jury (all in one in this case called YouTube ) that they own part of my car cause they 'own' the color blue. How could the own anything in the public Domain. Own in this case is administering a false claim on the color blue - nobody owns the color blue. Blue is lets say is technically public domain.

SOLUTION: to the illegitemate claim is to dispute with Base Seventy Nine Music.
What do you think? ... shouldn't YouTube offer this advice ( sad as it is)  as a help during this process since they are incompetent - (or are they? he said suspiciously)  The thing is; because of the extremely close ties between YouTube and Base79 via the executives of each group it may be deliberate and a planned thing to do it this way. One hand washes the other in this game. We need some regulations over here please to make the game fair for all players. 

It's the principle and its the actual feeling of being bullied and robbed by YouTube and Rights partner Base Seventy Nine Music.
So at the end I felt a principle was at stake I could have folded and said ok just for an easy life. HINT: Don't press the button. They B79 don't actually own ANY rights in my work ( and they don't create anything) so I contested it and won back my rights and the stupid claim was gone in a few moments. 

If really investigated it originally this should have been the original result - right? Review the false claim find that it is bogus, dismiss, move on. So YouTube did not do its job right - or connives to scam authors and creators out of their digital rights. Not a good thought.

Anyway there is a way out that YouTube do not supply. The solution is they want the creator to go cap in hand to the bully company base seventy nine music and contest the false illegitimate claim there. This then is giving them even more legitimacy and power while YouTube twiddle thumbs and shrug.  Worse they rule against the real creative person.

LEGENDS is home made genius of animation and storytelling:
My Video is Legends and its amazing and totally HOME MADE by myself and Monrovia pictures chief - Greg De Liso. We made everything on legends video from scratch - see the animations all our work music same. So I want to let creators know that there are new thugs in town and they have ganged up and will fuck you over for your few pennies and lunch money. It's not as if I have a million views but they get to do this to a million users and run the ads on the users content whether they really own it or not-  then they get those Million pennies.

I acknowledge Claim NOT!
YouTube take #base79s claim on face value - that is YouTube assume that by making a claim at all even a false one Base 79 become legit and tiny content creator is assumed to be in wrong. YouTube are judge jury and executor and there is no method to say no way. In fact once the false claim is upheld ( Kafka stuff) YouTube place a button on youtube video back end admin section ( only choice)  to force me to say I acknowledge the (false) claim thereby feckin legitimizing it- hello mad world .

 It may be its all a big mistake but the process to rectify is unfair, unclear, weighted against the real creator and copyright holder and the absentee landlord type of decision in favor of the linked up friend of the company is too cosy. The false claimant does not have to show his hand to prove how he says owns my work yet I do have to show my cards. 

 Yay - get up, stand up, stand up for yer rights. ... before someone takes them away.


Unknown said…
Unknown said…
I receive a message for a part of one of my video, a video uploaded before they use the same content than me. I send 2 mails, one with Contact Us and one to the French office, and i hope they will delete this...

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