ASCAP 1 day conference Q&A Feedback


Name: John Munnelly
Band: Laughjohnlaugh
Latest album: Unreleased ( Music available on myspace and on my EPK)
1. Why did you decide to attend ASCAP NY Sessions?

First of all I liked the name - I make music - that's what I do and aspire to better at doing with other musicians similar to me. I wanted to join ASCAP - They seem to me to be more Artist centered ( than perhaps BMI/SESAC etc) so I wanted to meet with some ASCAP staff face to face and get to know them as persons before I finally signed up. I also wanted to try the 1 day conference locally in order to see if the longer 3-day conference out on other coast is a worthwhile investment of my time and resources.

2. What was the most important thing you took away from the one-day conference?

Its a very human business after all - I think it gets a bad rap from time to time from people who have been taken advantage of but I really liked the people I met and heard in the discussion sessions. I am a timid and shy person for the most part and it encouraged me to believe that I can approach the power brokers - stations, publishers and so on with confidence and right attitude (friendly warm and open) not just a frantic 'what can you do for me' . Getting to business is of course important but maybe in due course when we get to know each other - laughs. Everything is relatedness. I'm basically an unknown so I was there just to soak it all up and have fun meeting and learning something about the music business. In the songwriter session I learned that I was closer than I realize to doing this professionally and I'd like to create links to write in other genres. I think I'd like a support system to help me move in correct direction - manager publicist etc

Internet Streaming
I'd like to thank all the great people I met - Eric [de Fontenay/Musicdish] I enjoyed his and the other participants on the panel; I was also impressed that they were so friendly and open to us budding songwriters at the after-party...I would not be doing this response Q&A without making the effort to stick around after wards so I could get people's contact details. Thanks.
Home Demo
I was impressed with the guileless 'luddite' honesty of Jake Ottmann EMI Music Publishing for reminding us of the primary importance of 'The Song'.

Artists Panel

Same feeling also for the last panelists - its great to hear others share their views from the trenches. Its encouraging to see others persevere and I would love to be on a panel someday too. I met a whole load of other songwriters - I don't know if that's encouraging or not but it's good to know I'm not the only one with a passion for writing songs.

3. What is the biggest benefit of being an ASCAP member?

ASCAP will I hope help me take my songwriting to the next level and introduce me to resources to encourage me on the road and in the pro craft. ASCAP Plus allows me to be considered for a financial incentive and material encouragement to keep going with booking and playing gigs regularly. Joining ASCAP I'm sure will be another important building block in this adventure.

4. What major projects or ambitions do you have lined-up for 2009?

Professional Creative
  • TOUR - I'd like to create a piece of Art (CD) that is best representative of my work over the last few years and worthy of taking on the road.

  • Open Mic - once per week
  • Major Gig - Once per month building to higher frequency /Tour
  • TOUR - I'd like to create a piece of Art that is representative of me as a songwriter and musician and worthy of taking on the road to expose myself as it were and be confident.
  • Recording - record some more material for a CD release
  • Co-writing: continue this as its great to have someone else in the creative process
  • Meet other musicians -
  • Get pro-feedback and critiques of my work
  • Build a fan base
  • Keep learning
  • Network and join organizations to help me meet other Artist, publishers, musician's, and so on.
  • Learn more of everything - improve as player, writer, singer and business person.

I have my January hopes and ambitions for 2009 on my blog


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