A dream - A nightmare bus journey with Trump Tours

A dream within a nightmare

Did you ever have a dream -  a bus journey from hell. The bus driver has a "dangerous mental disorder". The driver-in-chief shouts at all the passengers that he is in charge, he doesn't need a route, his gut tells him the way.

Day one he said without training that "I know more about buses than anyone who ever drove a bus" even though he had no training.

Somehow he has put a hex on the bus company and they are afraid to fire him or take the keys back.

He gibbers wild 'n' scary threats over the PA continuously about the wrong people getting onto his special bus. His is "the greatest" bus ride ever. You are "gonna be sick of this bus" he says gleefully jabbering on in his red hat about making bus tours great again. 

And like a bad dream you can't get off.


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