Showtime! ... What time is it? Showtime, at the Dupe!

Duplex usually means there's likely to be;
two parts to the thing. 
An up bit and a down bit, 
An upbeat and a down beat.

Songwriters at the Duplex 7pm 2.12.20

 I'm spreading the word about a Songwriters show in February. I will be fully clothed (this time) possibly even slinging the uke.

Please do come and hang out upstairs, listen to some songs and drink a drink or two at a venue located in the famed Greenwich Village on Christoper Street, NYC.

Music Show Details:
Event: Songwriters Night 
Time: 7pm, Wednesday, February 12.
Location: upstairs at The Duplex in Manhattan, 
What: 5 artists play 3 original songs each.
Address: 61 Christopher St. @ 7th Ave. NYC, NY 10014




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