Stock Meltdown - 7 billion dollar party bill

Bail out - who deserves to be bailed out and why?
  • Would you bail out an alcoholic after he drank all his money - and let him go back to the bar straight away on your tab.
  • Would you bail out a gambler after he has blown all his money on the roulette wheel, craps and poker - and let him go back to the table with your money.
  • Would you pay the drug addicts dealers debts, dress him up in new clothes you needed for your children (health & education) - and let him party on til he crashes again taking you with him down to the bottomless pit.
I believe the money would be better spent on the education and sustenance of any unemployed people as a result of the correction.

Risk has a downside and as they say if you play with fire you may get burned. Now they have set a conflagration that may take Main Street USA with it.

Addictive unrestrained greed led to poor judgment, the overlooking of known problems, accumulation of risk and finally the credit crises and meltdown.

I don't see the CEO's out front and center saying they are sorry and can we help them...maybe they don't really want to be helped?


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