Gig Bar 169

I'm going to do a gig in Bar 169 at the end of the month. For me that's an awesome and momentous event. However I am shy and less confident than I need to be and I have to "Dare to Suck"

It feels great to be getting out there and having something to work towards. I am excited and I'm working through different songs getting a set list ready of piano songs and acoustic songs too.

I don't have to do it all , all at once - if I can do a gig - then do one and practice and be the best I can be at that time but dare to suck because I won't know what is next and I have to take one faithful step at a time.

I'm also excited that its Christmas and maybe New Year will bring new cheese - yummy. Cheese being the metaphor used by the author of the book "They keep moving my Cheese"

Recently an old friend got in touch with me so that's great too - another reason to be happy at Christmas time - right?



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