Someone Else's Son

The birth and gestation of a new song.

I play soccer and yesterday afternoon I was lying exhausted on my bed after my first game of the season. An idea for a song came to me but I was too tired to write it down. I had a snatch of the verse and some feel for the flow of the opening words and phrases. Luckily I still remembered it later on and later that night and into early hours I started to work on it again.

Background setting: I was given a present of a very small leather notebook but the paper inserts were difficult to locate so on a whim I bought a small notepad and it fitted perfectly. Its about 3 inches tall by 1.75 wide and has a small pen in an elastic loop on the side- a poet's/lyricists dream item for perfect pocket use. I used this handy-pad to quickly jot down the words while I sat in my work chair.

I got a verse and stumbled upon a part 1 and 2 for the chorus. This was all written words at this stage (no music just yet) . Second verse I abandoned that scratching as it was not correct 'person' voice The narrative 'I ' person who was doing the singing was second guessing the 2nd person in this song - the 2nd party was being addressed by person 1. Moving quickly along before we get too technical about it.

So I ended up with basic idea for an intro and 3 solid verses and a chorus which seemed to be developing emotion and human feeling to draw listener into a heart shaped space.

I have been concerned of late that I need a better follow up for my ease with imagery. Sort of like a boxers one- two. I easily generate visual furniture and hooks for a song - my imagery is commented on in professional and peer critiques.

The one two of songwriting
  1. The imagery sets the scene
  2. The emotion and feeling is revealed to follow through to make the listener 'care'
I picked up the guitar and got a nice minor flow starting in Em going and then after that was worked through I created a change for the Chorus section beginning in G.

This song did have feeling qualities and strong emotional content because when I sang it through the following morning I cried buckets I was so touched. That does not happen to me a lot.

It's going to be called Someone Else's Son. It's a beauty.


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